Our values

What binds
us together.

Our core values are integral to all aspects of our culture and operations, including programs, hiring, training, and relations with the community. While we possess many more values, we believe the values core to us form the essence and character of Lavan, and what we believe in that make us different. They underpin and help drive our success to support our organizational health and the clients we work with.

organizational health

Organizational health is the rising tide that lifts all ships. Healthy companies nurture organizational health to optimize people performance across all activities and business drivers. It is the power of a cohesive leadership team who dare to adopt the behaviors necessary to create an environment to harness the whole organizations’ value, where their right fit people collectively outperform greater than the individual sum of the parts. This can only happen effectively through appreciation of the ideology and a commitment to disciplined implementation and practice management.

curiously passionate, and passionately curious

We are passionate natural problem solvers, driven to deliver improvements, efficiencies and  reveal value. We are passionate about value and the people that bring it. We are passionately curious about organizational health, why it is the elixir to underperformance, and a multiplier of value. We are passionate about building trusted, fulfilling relationships with like-minded passionate committed, curious clients. To collectively unlock value, improve business outcomes, positively impacting and enriching our communities. 

We are curious about companies and how they unlock value. Curiosity drives our desire to solve causes for permanent resolution, instead of symptoms for temporary relief. We do not make assumptions, instead we look for truth and understanding through dialogue and evidence. We are curious about a clients’ commitment to improve, to discover and grow. We are curious about our relationship, how we will evolve, and how well we can do together.

Leadership-worthy, and worthy of leadership

As the leadership  goes, so goes the company. Leadership is a choice not a position, like teamwork it doesn’t work without trust, and accountability. Building trust is foundational to all we do and at the heart of organizational health, which we know drives value and competitive advantage. 

We believe vulnerability is courage and leads to the strongest, authentic, and most fruitful relationships. We are consistent, we do what we say, are reliable and relentless in delivering. We believe core values must  authentically carry behavior aligned to objectives. They have to actively represent the principles of the organization and align with core focus to deliver on vision.

We embrace strategy doesn’t typically fail in formulation, but most often in implementation.  The execution in the trenches and we lead, developing organizational health to remedy this. We believe in empowerment to divest control, and allow personnel to shine, where competence and clarity are essential to achievement.

We dare greatly, and lean into discomfort and uncertainty to constantly grow and push for excellence while balancing accountability with compassion. We lead by example, stepping up when it’s hard consistently because that’s what makes  the difference.

team, not i

We oppose the idea that success comes from a few who ignore the value of the whole of their organization. Cohesive leadership nurture and develop environments for organizational health to harness the power of the whole workforce, bringing alignment, clarity and purpose to everyone who works there.

People in healthy companies trust and learn from one another, identify issues and recover faster from mistakes. They are more effective at solving problems and make better decisions, faster. They collectively own, achieve and fail. Healthy organizations get smarter over time. They achieve results closer to their full performance potential and gain a clear advantage. They do not suffer from the inefficiencies plaguing companies with poor health such as - politics, lack of clarity, apathy, ego and limited accountability. Where I not team lives and where behavioral misalignment and inconsistency are their downfall.

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