Find what fuels your team - and what holds them back.

Isolate the causes of dwindling engagement and take action to reverse it. Using the three-part PI® Diagnose framework, we'll help you collect insight about what's driving or eroding engagement levels, and provide you with the means to act more effectively on the data.

What causes high engagement?

The four forces that destroy engagement are the same four forces that drive it:

- A match between the employee and their Job
- A match between the employee and their Manager
- A match between the employee and their Team
- A match between the employee and the Company

Actively engaged employees go above and beyond because they’re emotionally committed to a company’s success and feel aligned to these four factors. The PI® Employee Experience Survey identifies areas where engagement is strong - so you can focus on what works.

Measure, Analyze, Prescribe.

Our three-step approach to engagement singles out the causes of disengagement and arms you with the data and practical knowledge you need to continuously improve:

helps you find gaps and blind spots across the 4 areas of engagement (Job, Manager, Team, Organisation).

Analysis provides you with data at every level of your hierarchy, plus invaluable manager, individual, and team-level reporting that will help you refine your team dynamic and get better results.

Prescription - what good are engagement scores if you don’t know how to act on them? Armed with objective data from our Employee Engagement Survey, we'll guide you in the right direction and provide concrete action steps.

pi® diagnose - a 3-step engagement solution

PI® Employee Experience Survey

Uncover why your employees are disengaged, what you're doing well, and how you can take action to fix or maintain engagement.

Employee experience coaching

Don't go it alone. Our expert consultants will guide you in administering the PI® Employee Experience Survey, sharing results, and implementing actionable steps to ensure success.

Take Action on Engagement workshop

Arm people managers with skills to meaningfully apply the PI® Employee Experience Survey and help their teams take decisive action.

engagement workshop

Take Action on Engagement

Make positive change happen as you build, communicate, and execute data-driven action plans.

explore workshop

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