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Aviation Port Services

Funding a major expansion for a coast-to-coast airline service provider.

"We very quickly felt comfortable with Lavan Financial Group. The level of expertise was impressive. They genuinely care and go the extra yard to get results. It was so refreshing, after some poor experiences with other financial companies we made the right choice to go with Lavan. They quickly obtained the funds needed to help us through the seasonal slow-down and the capex we needed to invest at sites to accomodate expansion services requested by a strategic partner. We are growing and in good shape to execute our 12-month plan. Thanks to Lavan Financial Group."

Tony Högdahl
CEO Managing Member
Aviation Port Services LLC, San Leandro


West UA Transport, MI

A unique funding solution for a Michigan logistics company.

"We were up against it, as my property lease was finishing. They quickly got me an SBA loan, to finance the property I wanted for my truck business. Andrea’s team also carved out the accounts receivable in the Bank deal so we could use for other financing options, and they were able to improve on our competitive truck factoring deal – really impressive!

The system matches to so many different lending sources that compete. I felt comfortable from the start and sensed I was in great hands. Again, I want to say thanks to the Lavan Financial Group for helping me move my business forward. I recommend these guys. They care and know how to help small businesses."

Andriy Slonsky
West UA Transport, MI


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