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Simon Defense Inc, NY

Providing credit building services for a defense manufacturer.

"The CEO, Andrea, was fantastic. Extremely courteous and professional. Was always available to talk or email. Quickly identified what my small business needed to scale.Their service is very tailored commercial finance. The level of expertise is simply amazing. I felt in great hands immediately. I highly recommend them to help any small business who needs access to capital. The business financing and credit business system he and his team have developed would be able to help any kind of business out there … Thanks!"

Chris James
Simon Defense Inc, NY


Budpak Inc, NY

Business credit and compliance services.

"I wanted to build business credit and separate my personal credit. Within about 5 months my Paydex rating quickly reached 80 from Dun & Bradstreet that allowed me to then access larger revolving lines of credit with major fleet cards. I opted in for some business services offered through the Success platform to tidy up some business and lending compliance items. All of them were reported to business bureaus, so I got trade-lines that improved my business credit at the same time!

I know other companies provide business credit services and charge a large fee. The Lavan Financial Group system is free. They offer real growth and finance solutions that also build business credit. I say thank you to the Lavan Financial Group team, they were able to help me accomplish what I set out to do, and a lot more I didn’t know could be done."

Steve Singer
Budpak Inc, NY


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