strategic management

Plunge ahead.

Know where you're going. Then get there.

A strategy is an approach taken to achieve a defined set of goals. Strategic management, on the other hand, is the process of defining desired outcomes, and deciding how the company will use resources to achieve them. Strategic management combines every phase of strategy, from planning to implementation and iteration. Strategic management answers both reflective questions about your business: 'where are we going, and why?' and the practical questions, like 'how will we get there?'

Unlock your potential.

Since 2014, we've helped our clients design and implement strategies to achieve their desired outcomes - whether top or bottom line growth, increasing equity/enterprise value, or operational enhancement.

We advise our clients to identify the specific outcomes they are trying to drive – and work backwards from there to re-imagine processes and infuse intelligence. Those outcomes are often value- and purpose-led, and should always be quantifiable at every step of the workflow.

We collaborate with careful consideration which parts of the organization need to be stitched together to achieve those outcomes – often leveraging a golden thread of adequate data, reporting systems, and technology platforms in partnership with our Data Science team at Alephnet

avg. enterprise value growth

Our average engagement results in nearly twice as much enterprise value

avg. revenue growth

Average annual GR growth after implementing a growth plan.

One ecosystem.
Endless possibility.

We provide a strategic management ecosystem that's comprehensive, yet flexible, giving the clients we partner with the ability to access the right solutions for their specific needs.

Whatever the challenge, whether it's outlining a new business model, gaining an understanding of your current operational effectiveness through diagnostics, or establishing an enterprise operating framework using ROSE℠, we draw from over 30 years' experience to deliver exceptional strategic management services that help you achieve your goals.


How can strategic management help my business?

Constant improvement

Instil discipline and structure for a constant cycle of improvement.

Simplify hiring

Make better decisions, hire the right people, and build more collaborative teams.

Maximize organizational health

Optimize people and performance across all key business drivers.

Improve work environment

Harness your team's creativity and energy towards the same goals.

Our process

Our strategic management process is flexible depending on your unique context and goals, which we'll get a sense of in your initial consultation. From there, we have a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions and practical concepts to help you solve your problems and achieve your desired outcomes, depending on where you are, and where you want to go.

We typically begin the process with an organizational diagnostic, which is akin to a body scan for your business. This is a non-invasive, free, and insightful place to start understanding your business more deeply, and move towards defining a plan. 

Armed with a clearer understanding of your business and how it operates, we then partner with you to evaluate, define, and implement the right strategies to fit your goals. Generally, we work with clients on one of three outcomes: growth, equity value, or improving operational effectiveness.

Finally, many clients find that to be successful, any strategy must be rigorously bound to a set of tangible, executable steps. That's why we've created ROSE℠, an enterprise operating model that harnesses leadership cohesion, and provides a framework for organizational health.

You may not need, or choose to engage at every level of our strategic management process. Ultimately, our role is as a trusted advisor and partner, helping you select from a broad suite of solutions and expertise that will arm you with precisely what you need to achieve your outcome.

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