Explosive selling power.

Unlock the secret of your company's selling potential.

COFFE - Cognitive Operational Forecasting for Employees - shows what drives your team's top performers, so that you can confidently hire, develop and retain more of the same.

A People Intelligence Platform extracts meaningful insights from a rich variety of proprietary talent and workforce data in new and unique ways to produce predictive Selection - Development - Retention intelligence for client teams and key job roles. Scientifically understanding the potential of your salesforce.

A unique application of convergent technologies, capable of accurately forecasting the future distills what’s valuable to managers and the business. Clients develop accurate performance predictions of current and prospective employees for unbiased insight on talent decisions. By comparing existing KPIs with employee data, you’ll find the fingerprint for your organizational success, which you can powerfully replicate at scale.

Deployment significantly improves almost every sales metric; # of high-performers versus average, speed to ramp, turnover, COS, training efficacy, revenue and profit.

Increase the relative value of your company's most important resource. Reliably predict which talent will work best. No more guesswork. No more poor fits.

COFFE engagement module

Engagement drives company productivity. Our employee engagement software end-to-end solution enables you to monitor employee engagement, be alerted of any disengagement signs and improve with data-driven recommendations.

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enterprise mapping

Unlock your ideal sales formula.

Every team has a unique pattern for success. A way of working, moving, and generating value particular to that organism alone.

A predictive machine learning and people intelligence platform - powered by Perception Group - gives you an objective formula for greatness. By mapping out the employee traits that impact performance most, you can reliably hire, develop and foster the right people for your organization.

predictive analytics

Build a winning team.

Make accurate performance predictions before you make your next hire. Identify ideal salespeople with effective upfront assessments. Accurately assess the existing teams potential. Discover who fits, and who doesn't, based on objective data.


Reliably hire, sell, and scale.

Focus on what matters. By knowing exactly what drives performance, you can invest in the people most likely to succeed. Cloning top performers, and developing talent with highest quantified potential. Bespoke personnel prediction models change how leaders can think about strategically building and sustaining a competitive advantage.  

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Hiring without objective data is dangerous

Despite the available technology, firms still rely too often on intuition when making a hire. But there’s a problem. Subjectivity is an empirically unsound way to hire. How do you know what qualities actually make a good candidate for your team dynamic? How will you map the relationship between individuals and the sales organism they inhabit?

Many firms lack a repeatable formula for identifying salespeople, causing:

  • High turnover
  • Missed quotas
  • Drawn-out and expensive training periods
  • Stunted growth
  • Performance gaps between the best and worst salespeople
  • Lack of diversity

the solution

A powerful talent and sales engine built into the fabric of your business

Introducing an out-the-box enterprise analytics platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your company's hiring and selling strategy.

Our prediction engine takes actual sales performance data and compares it to employee profiles. Using statistical analysis, we can then correlate the qualities that make up your blueprint for sales success.

This blueprint is unique to your business alone. By understanding what factors lead to your sales, you can supercharge your selling capacity and accurately predict future output for the whole salesforce.

the outcome

Hire, develop, foster better talent, sell more, scale faster.

Sales productivity unlocks your organizational selling power through a number of key deliverables:

Better incoming talent

  • Immediate prediction of actual expected role performance speeds identification of high-potential candidates for interview
  • Dual-role predictions allow for career mapping; will a candidate be internally promotable through senior level roles?
  • Dramatic reduction in early turnover
  • Decrease ramp time to full productivity
  • Remove biases from hiring funnel

Improve your existing team

  • Identify potential reasons for individual underperformance within existing team
  • Plan and deploy effective training and development activities to improve results
  • Get highest return on management time for potential employees, using forensic data
  • Identify when employees are nearing maximum expected performance


1. Demo

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2. Quick and easy implementation

Seamlessly fits into your existing workflow with minimal launch time.

3. Supercharge your sales

Begin implementing quickly. Create employee and candidate profiles, then start unlocking your selling power.