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Use case examples;

ROI is key to all business activities. Employee productivity is no different, but often where businesses struggle to address optimizing the fixed cost of employees. Fingerprints offer the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of employee fixed costs (salary, benefits, etc.) versus performance. Leaders can rethink their organizational structures and human capital needs.

Three use cases

Better Incoming Talent: 

Quite simply, the system is designed to create a bias-free method for hiring the right talent with the greatest probability of being a top performer in a specific job-role.

Improve Existing Team:  

Secondly, the talent intelligence from the Platform provides data  about who to promote, potential career paths, and how to invest enablement resources (e.g., training and coaching) most effectively, for promotion and career paths. As new Performance Fingerprints are added and new performance data ingested, the system identifies how effective employees will be in other job roles. As for enablement, the Platform provides clear data about where candidates may struggle, providing clear direction for training and coaching.   And because the predictive models   make it possible to identify who is reaching their potential versus who is not, the Platform provides intelligence about where to invest valuable resources.

Deep Analytics and Learning: 

The third use case is for more formal strategic workforce planning and people analytics. As the Platform continues to get smarter with more data, it can then begin to predict more complex longitudinal outcomes such as tenure, turnover, absenteeism, or low-base rate criteria like safety incidents. From employee fixed costs (salary, benefits, etc.) versus performance, leaders can rethink their organizational structures and human capital needs. For example, it may be possible to realize the same performance with a smaller but more capable team or for the same cost, bring on more junior but equally effective talent.

Compelling analytics - 6 prescribed moves increased annualized revenue by +$2.5 million with no increase in fixed costs

Case Study; CrowdStrike

Case Study; Mercedes Benz

Case Study; Dymon Asia

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