Workforce productivity

Unique application of convergent tech - insight reshapes performance outcomes

Increase salesforce productivity and reshape performance outcomes 

A typical ROI for a top sales producer is around 12x, compared to an average of 3x for the remaining team. A 9x or greater gap.

A new application of convergent technologies underpins our SaaS people performance solution that significantly helps sales leadership, talent acquisition and C-suite to build high-performing sales organizations.

A predictive fingerprint technology correlates workforce attributes to real, empirical sales data to forecast forward KPI outcomes such as revenue, units sold, contracts per hour and customer satisfaction for pre-hire and incumbent employees.

Dashboards distill what’s most valuable to business leaders and the broader enterprise.

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This capability enables you to only hire people with the highest probability of being top performers while concurrently optimizing the existing team; Identify where to invest training, coaching, and diagnose precise engagement actions.

Clients call it "freaky good" as production forecasts get to within 10% of what actually ends up happening. Like having a crystal ball telling you what actions to take.

Problem defined and the use cases

Challenges addressed
Key performance indicators
Key capabilities
"One of the benefits of predicting actual sales performance has been to identify liabilities that attract the attention and energy of our sales leaders "

Joe Mattioli VP of Global Corporate Sales - CrowdStrike

You can join a growing number of companies reshaping team performance resulting in more top-performers, fewer under-performers positively inflecting almost all sales and productivity metrics.

Customer feedback
"Our company is able to take aggressive risks on hiring young talent out of University, knowing they'll have a high degree of success after training" 
"We are able to spot non-traditional gem talent quickly leading to better diversity
“Our team now produces double the revenue as they did previously”
"Our turnover and ramp times have both decreased dramatically”
“Our management team now knows how to utilize their training and coaching time for maximum return”
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Problem defined and the use cases - quality of fit is an ROI multiplier

Compelling analytics - Six moves increased annualized revenue by +$2.5 million with no increase in fixed costs

Why do performance fingerprints improve upon existing job evaluation methods

85 years of I/O psychology people performance predictors distilled

A performance fingerprint example

Behavioral and cognitive assessment

Workforce engagement - four forces

Confronting hiring bias

Logos, use cases and case studies

Data, analytics and AI - DSaaS

The talent conundrum

Performance distribution is uneven particularly across quota roles where costs and performance are misaligned.

Example company

Account Executives: 100 - Fixed Base Comp: $100K - Base Team Cost: $10M

Rep Quota: $600k pa - Team Quota: $60M - Target ROI = 6x

A, B and C performance buckets

The A block are only 30% of fixed costs but produce 70% of revenue for a ROI of 14.0x

The B block comprise 35% of costs but only account for 20% of production for a ROI of 3.4x

The C block are also 35% of expenses but only produce 10% of output for a ROI of just 1.7x

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There are many reasons for disparate performance in quota roles. Performance fingerprints provide empirical evidence quality of job fit is the predominant factor. Quality of fit drives improvements that resonate throughout the entire employee lifecycle to lift all productivity metrics, not just a positive increase in performance distribution !

Using performance management tools and enacting just a 10% shift from C block to B Block and from B Block to A Block by efficiently hiring and also delivering coaching and training at the right time:

C Block to B Block shift is +$566K per annum in ACV

B Block to A Block shift is +$3.1MM per annum in ACV

Total Shift in ACV is over +$3.7 MM per annum

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