Workforce productivity

More Top Performers Less Miss Hires

Business Challenges

In most companies, performance metrics typically reveal only a small % of a workforce produces the majority of the outcomes. In sales roles, up to 50% of personnel miss quota, with 40% on the fringes of making budget, too few top performers drive results.

Personnel Challenges

Too few top producers with the cost of poor hires high at multiples of salary

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Evaluation of sales talent is economically inefficient.

People Decisions Are Critical

Poor personnel, hiring, coaching and career pathing-decisions create high early- tenure attrition, slow ramp, lost leads and revenue opportunities, lost customers and uninspiring customer experiences.

Reducing miss hires, and increasing top performers, maybe the highest ROI opportunity available to all businesses, particularly if there’s a repeatable formula to drive desirable and predictable outcomes and create employment opportunities for a broader group of people.


Increase talent density. More top producers, less poor hires. Hire only people with the highest probability of becoming top performers in an unbiased way.

Blind recruitment is the best practice to remove unconscious bias and ensure equal employment opportunity and workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. When human-centric science and data-driven analysis is rigorously applied to the hiring process decisions are faster better and consistently more accurate; with less effort, frustration, and failure than conventional methods.


To efficiently, and effectively field a diverse team of high-performing individuals who can predictably and repeatedly achieve whether the role is customer service or in sales to grow revenue while influencing client loyalty.


Multivariate Regression Analysis & White Box Algorithm

Talent and data science analytics leverage company proprietary datasets. Workforce and performance data- sociodemographic, psychographic, and biographic- all tied to specific individuals and correlated to performance outcomes.

The emergence of Performance Fingerprints now provides leadership with the technical capabilities to quantify and predict the sales and revenue impact of any new recruit on the business, before they're hired, but also a road-map for coaching and development of existing teams.

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