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Machine Learning & People Intelligence Platform

Machine Learning and People Intelligence Platform

A People Intelligence Platform - powered by Perception Group - extracts meaningful insights from a rich variety of proprietary talent and workforce data in new and unique ways. Our machine learning enabled systems are engineered to produce predictive Selection - Development- Retention intelligence for client teams and key job roles.

Our People Analytics is strategically focused on business results. This means reducing costs, identifying revenue opportunities and enhancing customer experience. We move the needle by optimizing how talent selection decisions are made in the hiring process. The resulting analytics are compelling; and are used to drive development, diversity and retention.

People Analytics make your biggest investment your smartest.

The technology platform is capable of analyzing historical and real-time data, as well as forecasting the future, to distill what’s valuable to managers and the business, including detecting relevant patterns and producing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that deliver actionable insights and enable much quicker, smarter decision making.

A people intelligence engine operates 'bottom-up' using time-series data and correlations to identify patterns in high-dimensionality datasets. These proprietary data sets include workforce and performance data; and sociodemographic, psychographic and biographic data, all tied to specific individuals. Our human and data science teams test hypotheses, and continuously analyze and validate findings, to ensure the integrity of the system's intelligence.

This intelligence delivers a practical roadmap of how to identify and build talent density through explicit selection of the right people for the right job role. As a result, managers obtain a beautiful set of fly-by-wire decision-making tools that directly feed into producing better operational and sales performance. This innovative approach is a selection-focused solution that adds new, unexploited value to talent acquisition, performance development and retention.

The Complete Job Performance Model

An employee’s true on-job performance is highly complex.

Work performance encompasses four domains with components that can be directly measured and incorporated in a Decision Support Platform.

Task Performance is the traditional focus of personnel selection; however, individual work performance is more than just performing tasks and achieving prescribed work responsibilities and goals.

Whilst cognitive assessments are useful for predicting Task Performance, Contextual Performance requires non-cognitive predictors. Research shows Contextual Performance is a significant predictor of turnover and is critical in any sector where customer service is important.

Contextual activities contribute to organizational effectiveness through employees’ willingness to go beyond the tasks in a job description (e.g. provide great service). This makes contextual behaviors much more difficult to assess because they’re more likely to be discretionary, whereas task performance is prescribed by the formal job role and responsibilities. If an individual perceives they are being treated fairly, are satisfied with their job, and feel their leader provides support, Contextual Performance is higher.

As adapting to a changing work environment is increasingly critical for all job roles; and Adaptive Performance covers an employee’s ability to adapt to changes in the work system or their work role.

Whilst Contextual Performance comprises behaviors that positively influence the work environment, Adaptive Performance comprises behaviors that are a reaction to a changing or novel work environment such as dealing with uncertain or unpredictable work situations. Predictors of Adaptive Performance are again different; the behaviors are a manifestation of creativity, the generation of ideas, procedures and products that are both novel and useful.

Counterproductive Work Behavior harms the well-being of an organization and includes destructive or hazardous behavior such as absenteeism, lateness or theft that impacts areas such as customer experience and profitability.

A Decision Support Platform

All performance is contextual; and any holistic model of performance must include all four work performance domains. To achieve a more accurate prediction of job performance, a People Intelligence model identifies latent characteristics that are critical to contextual and adaptive work performance. Employees who exhibit voluntary discretionary effort and innovative behavior are not only high performers but collectively, their performance contributes to customer satisfaction, loyalty, economic value creation and ultimately an organization’s competitive advantage.

Task Performance

Proficiency of job-specific tasks; explicit and tacit knowledge, skills and abilities


Contextual Performance

Non-job-specific task and behaviors beyond formally prescribed by job role and tasks


Adaptive Performance

Discretionary ability to adapt to changing work environment, system, job roles and self


Counterproductive Behavior

Destructive behaviors that harm the well-being of the business and customers


A unique application of convergent technologies for insight that reshapes performance outcomes

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