Data Science

How to lift your data treasures

The adoption of Data Science

Democratizing augmented intelligence

Cutting edge data science end-to-end solutions that meet you where you are on your data science journey. The lines of businesses within many organizations are pushing hard to rapidly adopt data science and extract value from collected data, and the pace is accelerating.

Implementing AI is a part of a digital transformation journey

One that can be achieved over time horizons:

  1. Short term: A data strategy; set the foundation to fuel your business - Scale volume, source opportunities, reduce errors, automate non-cognitive tasks
  2. Medium term: Scale quality: augment and lift human talents, develop and create new services, products and experiences
  3. Long term: Drive a cycle of business reinvention: reconfigure your value chain, and maximize customer experience

The complexity of data systems grows every day. Many companies have specific software for each function from Payroll, Accounting, HR, ERP, Billing, CRM, analytics, and industry unique systems. Data is often siloed across disparate systems.

A data strategy is needed that includes a complete view of data you can trust, internal and external sources, structured and unstructured.

Data Challenges for all organizations

Unified data

Augmented intelligence -3-step methodology

Gather - Understand and Act through Unification - Analysis and Recommendations

Gathering and unifying relevant data from all sources

A data thinking roadmap ensures value extraction to solve challenges that impact top and bottom line results.


Al-Driven pattern and concept identification.

Use case Al-model identification and alignment:

Engagement assessment across value chain activities.


Actionable Insights and next best actions delivered to the right people at the right time.

Cognitive Search Value Chain

Augmented Intelligence Value Pyramid

Augmenting the workforce with actionable insights

  • Sales Insights: Find opportunities 
  • Marketing Insights: See trends earlier
  • Service Insights: Resolve issues faster
  • Risk Insights: Detect threats earlier, and identify tolerances - use case example
  • Cognitive Search: Easy discovery across siloed systems
  • Talent Insights:  Discover unseen value to lift workforce productivity- use case example

Get the right insights to the right person at the right time

Connect the dots

Turn a system of record into a system of insight

Augmented Intelligence

Will become foundational to sustainability


Combine human problem-solving with machine pattern detection


Connect cognitive data search with AI (algorithms)

Smart outcomes

  • Smart Recommendations
  • Anomaly & Trend Detection
  • Auto Discovery
  • Catalyst Detection
  • Enrichment Pipeline

Solutions that help you to lift your data treasures

A suite of solutions that meet you where you are on your company's data science journey.

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