Data, analytics and AI

Data, analytics and augmented learning

Data is the world’s most valuable resource, but 99% of all data collected is never used. This data is siloed in different internal and external systems, often in unstructured (textual) form and fast changing.

To unlock the power of your data, you need to enable your employees, and especially business users. Turn your unused data into insight. Become a data-driven organization!

Why should you do more with your data assets?

Because data-driven companies are:

Source: Five facts: How customer analytics boosts corporate performance, McKinsey Report

Revenue distribution big data analytics, 2019

Data can deliver compelling insights that drive competitive advantages enabling adaption to inevitable change and business resilience. Do you have a data strategy?

Data, analytics and artificial intelligence

Product, process, and people are all critical to business success. Outcomes can be precisely steered when analytics are applied to previously unseen, unharvested data across all business activities and drivers. Data, analytics, tools, and data scientists are integral to how well a company leverages data. Novel sight across all business activities and their interdependencies drives the insights necessary for business sustainability. In the new digital paradigm change is constant. Data, and in real-time or as close as possible for certain disciplines is necessary to stay ahead.

Data utilization creates measurable added value in all layers of forward-looking companies. We help secure the future viability of companies through data-driven products, services and business models along the entire value chain.

What does a lean start to data analytics look like?

If data is business driven, then it doesn‘t need infrastructure in order to start, just a business case. Starting from here, solve the business challenge first and then, if there is value for the company, start thinking about the data engineering, technology stack and data governance. The saying  'form follows function' is not only true in architecture, but especially in data driven business development.

A clear impediment to most small, medium and even larger business enterprises sustainability is the lack of data, and or ability to harness, analytics, and access to 'data scientists' to help drive data strategy and valuable insights. Data scientists are not only in demand, and short supply they are costly, largely only afforded by enterprises with deep pockets. "DSaaS", Data Scientist as a service changes this by providing fractional access to expert data scientist resources delivering a comprehensive range of services though the whole value chain.

Data is the new oil

Data will significantly drive the engine of the economy, determine success and failure, and become the decisive competitive advantage for those who use them. Analogous to oil, data must be lifted, processed and used beneficially so that its potential is released and does not remain just raw material.

Key questions

What does successful data use in companies look like?

Successful data usage (should) drive the purpose of all businesses. In sales for example it can provide (near) real time insights, which products and services of the company are consumed when, where and by whom. It can guide the strategy to find the optimal price of the service and product. CROs are acutely aware of the closing gaps between sales and marketing and the unique insights gained from data to help steer strategy and execution. With an internal open data strategy, data is made available for everyone in the company to base decisions on evidence and continuous improvement.

Why should companies start using their data now?

Data already fuel the decisions of global players. In order to survive in the market of the 21st century companies need to adapt to this paradigm. The infrastructure and framework in which a business operates continues to dramatically change. How consumers and businesses decide to buy, and from where. The exponential technologies businesses use to compete, and the lightning speed at which they are evolving profoundly impacting all industries, economies, and disciplines.

Digital has transformed business resource capabilities and the resulting possibilities. Lowering the costs of managing a business across all disciplines from financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to project management, operations, and HR.

Rapid deployment of proven cloud solutions helps ensure a company has a single source of data truth across the whole business. Immediate adoption of value-adding functionality allows for more time to focus on the business not implementing software. Actionable intelligence enables quality decision making throughout the firm and can empower, motivate and help the most important resources, the people. Not complex, solutions help with;

Profitability - Cost reduction - Improve reputation - Develop new revenue streams - Accelerate growth - Digital transformation and agility

To succeed in an increasingly digital economy, you need to constantly create value from the latest innovations to meet changing customer expectations and fierce competition. Businesses, even the small mom, and pop ones, who adapt and embrace digital, can compete without complexity, or prohibitive costs to grow businesses their way

Data Science + Tech + Client life-cycle + Innovation = Value

A data stack is core to all business activities where themes play off each other in a continuous cycle

We enable data-driven business models

Data utilization creates measurable added value in all layers of forward-looking companies

Phd data scientist expertise at the helm

A team of 6 Phd data scientists with broad in the field expertise collaborate with clients to steer data strategy

Complimentary competencies

A deep bench with a wide range of competencies, enabling comprehensive topic developments and solution management

Focus areas of our expertise

We anticipate and accompany the transformation of our clients through targeted focus settings

Topics | Architecture, Strategy, Products

We continue to develop in a targeted and market-driven manner: from Data Strategy to Smart City

A framework

We empower companies to make data-driven decisions

DAA Core Topics

Data based business development

Together with customers, we develop solutions that enable data-driven decisions. We show you the advantages and development possibilities of Data Science based on the Lean Analytics approach to develop new sustainable data-based business models together.

We generate business value through the use of data. That's why we focus on data-driven business development and the evaluation of meaningful usage scenarios based on tried-and-tested methods as well as the development of implementable data strategies.

True Mastery: Business value through excellence

Our core competencies in Data Science cover the complete ecosystem.

Our core topics address interdependent needs...

and have developed from addressing the frequent challenges of our clients.

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