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The vast majority of firms are still on their journey to becoming insights-driven. However, in 2021 "insights-driven businesses are generating around $1.8 trillion annually already (Forrester

Businesses need to create systems of insight

They need to utilize technology, knowledge, computational power and access to data, whilst recognizing that insights are the new business currency ( Forrester).  

Organizations think it is of high value to their organizations in terms of: overall success (81%),innovation (75%) and cybersecurity (78%).

Although AI has been around since the 1950s, it is only recently that the technology has begun to be clearly visible in real-world applications. In the last 4 years, investment in AI has dramatically risen. 

The advancement of this and the seed that lies at the core of the rise of AI can be identified by the following three factors:

Ready access to big data that is being generated from e-commerce, businesses, governments, science, wearables, and social media

The improvement of machine learning (ML) algorithms which serves as a consequence of large amounts of available data

Greater computing power and the rise of cloud-based services - which helps run sophisticated machine learning algorithms

Augmented intelligence

AI in all it's forms and underlying tech from ML to deep learning, NLP, speech computing, robotics and computer vision fueled by data can provide insights for faster better decisions to take action. Unlike the term artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence has a neutral connotation. A growing number of businesses realize that they can grow faster with an insights driven approach that utilizes the strengths of both the human, and the technological solution. Augmenting and extending human cognition can provide the largest Return on Investment (ROI) and highest business value.

Augmented Intelligence minimizes mistakes at the same time as delivering customer convenience, contextualization and personalization on a never before achieved scale; simultaneously displaying the democratization of what was previously available to only a selected few. As a result, Gartner predicted that by 2030, decision support, augmentation will take over all other types of AI initiatives and will most likely account for 44%of the global AI-derived business value (Gartner 2019).

An independent data checkup will allow you to determine the health of your data stack and how you might shift your business to become more insights driven.

Lean data check-Up

In the check-up, we evaluate the status quo with regard to data usage, what can and should be leveraged finding initial gaps and high potential areas to address

Data maturity check

In the Maturity Check, we show clients the maturity level of their data usage and identify opportunities.

Data thinking workshop

In data thinking workshops, we develop customer-specific use cases and their implementation

Data science as a service

For clients who want to leverage their treasure trove of data while operating leanly, DSaaS is the solution

True mastery: business value through excellence

Emerging Technologies: Fields of Action and Offerings

Technology maturity check

Technologies as enablers for change

TechRadar & TechCockpit

Research, elaboration, analysis & evaluation of technology components

Technology concept

Holistic detailed concept, detailed planning and accompanied implementation

Technology roll-out & field test

Risk minimization through detailed roll-out planning and field test phases

Review clients, projects and references  

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