Data Science

Data, analytics references, clients and projects

A selection of prior and ongoing projects across finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, technology, telecoms and public sector with the number of data scientists involved

Structure of an IoT security label

IT security labels for more transparency for the end user

4 people

IT Security Officer and Security Concept

IT security in accordance with BSI basic protection

1 person

Requirements analysis for public administration

Requirement analysis and rough conception of an analysis system of administrative data

1 person

Development of a smart meter

For targeted stabilization and control of the energy grid in real time

1 person

Future of the City Model

The model can be used to draw a holistic picture of the sustainability of cities

1 person

Prototyping of an analysis platform

Web application for data-driven search and evaluation of venture capitalists

1 person

Quality assurance of a BI system

Test of a BI system and cloud data warehouse in Microsoft Azure

1 person

AI & IoT - Pay-as-you-Drive

Development: Pay-as-you-Drive IoT prototype, web dashboard, app and driver scoring model

2 people

AI & IoT - Blockchain Technologies

Evaluation of an internal use case with blockchain technology

2 people

Project AI & IoT - Semantic Analyses with AI

Development of an application prototype based on an artificial intelligence model (machine learning)

2 people

Future Architecture Distribution: Security Architecture

Create basic technological prerequisites for secure new applications on the professional side

1 person

Technology Cockpit for internal evaluation

Tools that enable decisions and create sustainable transparency

2 people

PO and test strategy for agile product development

Achieve market readiness of an IoT ecosystem through a high level of agile mindset and customer focus

1 person

Smart Home product development in the SME sector

Expansion of the product portfolio in the area of retrofitting smart home products

1 person

Data Driven Procurement in Retail

We manage a 150 million p. a. project and internationalize the purchasing of a discounter on a data basis

2 people

Sales Reorganization Management in Face 2 Face

Sales restructuring at 17 branch locations with ~11 million customer contacts per year

1 person

Market entry Virtual Exhibition for a trade fair company

A comprehensive digital concept for the introduction of virtual reality was developed for a world-leading trade fair

1 person


Implementation and scaling of an Enterprise Architecture Management System

1 person

Management of an IT innovation project portfolio

Competitive advantages through IT innovation projects

1 person

Technology introduction in the energy sector

IoT device development, field test introduction and series production in a smart city

2 people

Enterprise Architecture

Transparency ensures clarity about needs in different areas

1 person

Integrated test systems for the mobility of tomorrow

Increased efficiency in prototype development, through data-driven automation systems

1 person

Data Science for Fishing - Neural Networks

Demand forecasts for policy makers to adjust regulations and avoid bottlenecks

1 person

Automated planning of assembly line occupancy

Production planning under consideration of ratio constraints and cost minimization

1 person

Route optimization in intra-logistics

Increased reliability and cost savings through mathematical optimization

1 person

Control of driverless transport systems

Cost reduction by minimizing the number of cameras required with complete coverage of the driving area

1 person

More efficient order picking through bundling

Targeted bundling of customer orders can reduce picking times

1 person

Optimize track segment assignments

Create higher capacities for freight transport through optimized segment allocations

1 person

Mathematical optimization in the bus industry

Automated and cost-efficient order combinations to reduce empty runs

1 person

Merger: Data transfer and customer letter

Mergers require a merging of business data on a technical level

1 person

Development of a data tape

For the analysis of decision-relevant key figures at customer account level

2 people

Credit Support Engine

Linking business process management and data-driven, dynamic case management

7 people

Development of a purchasing dashboard

Analysis and data preparation from the SAP module Ariba for cost control

2 people

Development of a credit rating system

Application for credit application evaluation for automated and risk-relevant evaluation

2 people

Vision Zero Hunger

Optimization in the selection of suitable locations for new commercial kitchens in over 71 countries

1 person

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