Business Growth Panaceas  

Marketing, Lead Generation - Sales - Service

Every business must have a proven way to reach new clients, close and retain business, and a cycle of iteration with innovation to keep it up ; -

Where the fruits of marketing efforts are engaged by sales, who close to onboard new clients, serviced by operations to deliver on promises, monetized, and where delighted clients are retained, repeat transactions and or ideally are contracted for recurring business terms.

The broad objectives, drivers and framework for these key activities are largely agnostic, and similar across industries - Goals such as;

-      Your company can produce revenue in a proven and systematic way, ensuring the business is sustainable and not simply based on the efforts of individuals within the business today?

-      You have clear sales and marketing objectives?

-      Your objectives are specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and timely incorporate priorities, milestones, and targets?

-      You have a process to review, modify, and communicate objectives?

-      You have segmented your market by end-user needs and goals?

-      You have a well-thought-out and documented pricing strategy for your products or services?

-      You have a clear marketing plan and routinely engage in specific and organized actions to interest potential customers in your products or services?

What are you Selling?

The roadmap and list of goals goes on, for all 18 business drivers, accompanied by specific tasks, performed by the right people, in the right seats with capacity to deliver. Of course, the firms resources should be aligned, leading metrics instilled to ensure timely operating reports for a pulse on where things stand, so changes can be made before slowing cashflow impacts liquidity and viability.

The larger the potential market size the greater the competition to win, and greater degree of difficulty to differentiate on price and or value. Therein lies the problem for most businesses - They do not have an established brand or a truly distinguishable differentiated, compelling value proposition. They struggle to consistently generate new business and often with a mindset of scarcity, and desperation look for help.

When the key growth drivers are managed well AND the product(s) or service(s) deliver value, in the eyes of the buyers you are in play. If the activities that drive operational excellence are harnessed with the right people you can win; Strategy - What’s our plan to get there? People - Who’s executing what part of the plan, with accountability? Sales & Marketing - The right people executing the right process drives scale. Operations - Quality delivery of sales’ promises to customers and Financial - In control of the numbers with operating reports for a focus on the right people (HR) doing the right things (Process) for the right (Results).

There’s no shortage of outsourced Growth solution help!

The number of businesses offering growth services is staggering. Their churn rate is also staggering, with many failing because their service often treats symptoms, and not the causes of their clients’ business issues (in common with their own) - slow, limited numbers of new clients, or not enough to replace client turnover.

The companies that endure, and sustain success do so because of results. They know the businesses they engage have viable differentiated product(s), and or serviceI(s) as do their own companies. They do the work necessary to understand and collaborate with clients to determine how to help position within the context of the whole business operations. The activities for growth are not a achieved through cookie cutter services. While their service may deliver on a specific activity, it’s not in isolation like a plug-in fix. Well-conceived, tailored to the uniqueness of their clients' company, integrated as a contextually system-based solution - meaning it’s a part of the overall strategy solution delivering on a clear vision, being implemented with discipline throughout the entire firm for a predictable iterative outcome.

There are many activities that combine to create the value necessary for a sustainable business. Marketing, sales and service can’t fix what’s broken. Too many times, companies and brands attempt to distract, cover-up, and compensate for fundamental flaws with mass marketing. And it doesn’t work.

In unhealthy organizations the 3-pointed fingers are pervasive;  "Marketing" and Lead Generation- generate leads and blame "Sales" for not closing. Sales blames Marketing pointing their finger back blaming the failure on the lead quality, and "Service" blames Sales for over promising, which is why the client turnover is too high. In healthy organizations the whole team wins and losses together. They trust, learn, share, make better decisions faster for the good of the whole team and overall outcome.

Quick Fix Growth

An over-supply and availability of “specialist”lead generation, marketing and outsourced sales and training companies ply their services, offering growth panaceas in one form or another, across every conceivable channel. Digital transformation has accelerated a number of offerings and technologies, which in the hands of experts operated for a well led company, (that has a differentiated offering) can be very effective, BUT it can't fix what’s broken.

The outsourced choices seem endless with overwhelming streams of offers to take care of your; digital footprint, local listings, website, SEO, SEM, SERPS, SM, auto email marketing, text marketing, influencer marketing, PPC,  ads, popup ads, content marketing, blogs white-papers, e-books, video marketing, chat boxes, AI, predictive tools, automation for almost everything. With the gig economy, remote freelancing is growing exponentially. There’s an over load of people and offerings, many of which undermine the key element of TRUST. While there is probably still success to be had by throwing as much at the wall as possible, as cheaply as possible for certain businesses it’s probably not appropriate for your business.  

There's a reason why it costs up to 7 times more to attract new clients than retain existing clients. Obviously industry, market, and business vertical matter, but generally the cost of acquisition can be largely attributed to the cost of building trust. Large enterprises, and public companies have vast budgets, long runways with eye popping burn rates that enable broad channel testing long-term expensive authority content strategies, and complex nurture funnels. They use big data, analytics, psychometrics, they fight to employ the best data scientists, and to ultimately persuade clients to buy and keep buying. While it's difficult to complete against the stacked deck a truly differentiate service and a foundation of authentic trust goes a long way - but it's not easy!

Growing in Full Alignment and Strategically

Building and planning a business strategy and implementing appropriate models is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their future - something that doesn’t happen in most companies.

Your business, like your marketplace, is a complex organism. Without a clear picture of your organizational health, you cannot achieve the performance desired. In business management, a prescription without precise diagnosis is dangerous, BUT often that’s what an outsourced solution provider is delivering or perhaps what's occurring internally ! Clarity around core purpose helps provide a decision framework and prevent expensive tangent distractions.

Rarely do outsourced growth service company personnel have this level of appreciation for their own business never mind yours. Marketing Can’t Fix What’s Broken

Business Growth - Rare but Important Steps

As a business owner and or leadership team, you've worked hard to get where you are. You know how your business works, but with access to the right expertise, support and resources, you can unlock even more value.

Strategic management, is the process of defining desired outcomes, and deciding how the company will use resources to achieve them. Strategy importantly includes the choices of what not to do, arguably just as, if not more important than the choices of what to do. It combines every phase of strategy, from planning to implementation and iteration. Strategic management answers both reflective questions about your business: 'where are we going, and why?' and the practical questions, like 'how will we get there.  

Knowledge of your industry, markets, and competitors provides intelligent comparisons that can help a company define, drive, and deliver unique value - Having a differentiated product and or service, defining your customers, choosing and validating business models to reach them, executing with performance systems to know you’re on course and building trust.  

View the whole business

We help clients see their business more clearly than ever, make critical decisions about how to predictably grow their business, and create value now as they move toward a future vision while having the flexibility to adapt.

Phase 1 – Initial Company Assessment – Confirming Goals

During this first meeting we complete an initial assessment of operational strengths and weaknesses. The initial assessment of internal and external factors powers a detailed discussion of the top three bottlenecks to growth and operational efficiency. The report also provides assessment of the impact of bottlenecks on the equity value of the business. This short initial assessment takes approximately 30 minutes; the balance of time is devoted to discussing the results.  We also share a summary report benchmarking your company to other companies in your industry. A copy of the initial report is yours to keep. Phase I is complimentary, allowing you and us to confirm goals, and to confirm your comfort with our methods and expertise.

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