Behaviors, and Habits drive Personal and Business outcomes

Life is so much more fulfilling when we are able to pursue what really matters to us, in roles suited to us and where growth and opportunity are available.

As individuals, friends, siblings, partners, team members in our personal lives, and in business we are all a product of our habits and behaviors. Individual and combined behaviors drive outcomes, both good and not so good!

Business performance, durability and sustainability are dependent on people executing. People execute well when they are engaged. Unfortunately, the traditional human capital management solution space and myriad of HRIS rarely harnesses the full power of the business and workforce. Talent optimization uniquely addresses the execution gaps

With business performance, most people; business owners and leadership teams recognize the ability to attract, retain, and inspire the best talent, and aligning behaviors to achieve desired goals, is the difference in long-term business outcomes.

While this might be common knowledge? it is rarely accomplished well! How are you achieving this?  How do you nurture the right personal and business behaviors to achieve productivity. Do you have a keystone habit that embodies the necessary actions to achieve your company objectives?

-       In a 2019 survey of > 3,000 companies, only 21% of US employees were actively engaged

-       A 2017 Gallup survey identified for every $10,000 spent on salary, $3,400 is squandered due to lack of discretionary effort

-       9 out of 10 drivers responsible for turnover are organizational (culture) and leadership.


Bear in mind the 4 forces of disengagement role, manager, team, and culture are ultimately driven by leadership behavior.

Each of us is unique, like the teams we participate in, their dynamics, the friends we spend time with and the businesses we chose to work for.

Awareness both personally and professionally is at the heart of growth, improvement, productivity, performance, and ultimately fulfillment. Real fulfillment is achieved throughout each person's whole unique journey. Workforce fulfillment, is driven through organizational health, key to which is the discipline of talent optimization.

Leadership makes the difference, and we can use a simple framework, to drive organizational health to achieve peak performance for desired business outcomes - harnessing people, structure and processes iteratively - for better business, better lives, better communities.

Many of our behaviors driving personal and business outcomes are driven by habit. Up to 40% of what we do daily is done so on auto pilot, habitual, and aided by ancient neurological nuclei located in the center of our brain called the basal ganglia.

Improve business performance with behavioral science. Reach out to learn about the power of habits and the habit loop; cues, routines and rewards and what can be done to help drive performance in your company.

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