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A performance fingerprint example

A performance fingerprint

The technology platform is capable of analyzing historical and real-time data, as well as forecasting the future, to distill what’s valuable to managers and the business, including detecting relevant patterns and producing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that deliver actionable insights and enable much quicker, smarter decision making.

The Complete Job Performance Model

An employee’s true on-job performance encompasses four domains with components that can be directly measured and incorporated in a Decision Support Platform.

Example fingerprint

Typically a performance fingerprint comprises 12 to 25 attributes. Any non-linear relationship and weightings impact overall correlation. As a company evolves so might the demands of the role (virtual, business model, buyers, product suite...) and therefore what attributes lead to performance. To ensure strongest correlation, fingerprints require periodic recalibration, typically every 6 to 12 months.

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Trait to KPI correlation examples

Below you can see competitiveness, a measured facet of Type A Behavior correlated to the quarterly sales revenue performance in a Corporate AE sales role at a software company. Each light and dark dot represents an employee's observed quarterly revenue production versus predicted. In this company role an increasing presence of competitiveness has a positive correlation to performance

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Below is an example of sufficiency of originality, a facet of innovativeness that correlates to sales revenue performance in the same corporate sales AE role. It has a positive correlation to performance. As it's presence increases so does revenue attainment

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Unique nonlinear combinations 

The relationship between sociability and CAE sales revenue as a single variable shows a slight negative correlation. As the intensity of its presence increases revenue attainment reduces. However, sales revenue cannot be explained by only one variable, so when looking at in combination with other traits using multiple regressions, the effects of Sociability become a positive one.

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Fingerprints evolve to the demands of the role, company, and environment. This is the 3rd iteration of a corporate account executive sales role at a software company. Recalibration every 6 to 12 months allows for ingesting the very latest empirical KPI data

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Why develop performance fingerprints?

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