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Purchasing and inventory control.

A simpler way to manage your procurement process.

From requesting vendor quotes, to creating purchase requests and paying your vendors on time, our purchasing and inventory solutions help you manage your entire order-to-pay cycle easily. With a single source of truth for all your receipts, invoices, returns and payments, plus supplier reporting to help you find better deals, your procurement process will become easier, faster, and more efficient.


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What it's for


Create purchase requests, receipts, POs, link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes, manage returns and additional expenses, all across multiple currencies.

Data management

Manage all your procurement data in one place, including account balances and purchase analyses like price breakdowns and tax information.

Warehouse and accounting integration

Achieve real-time synchronization of all your goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels.

Advanced reporting

Generate detailed and to-the-minute reports with real-time data.


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