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Profound insight that brings clarity to your business.

Your business, like your marketplace, is a complex organism. Without a clear picture of your organizational health, you cannot achieve the performance desired. In business management, a prescription without precise diagnosis is dangerous. Knowledge of your industry, markets, and competitors provides intelligent comparisons that can help a company define, drive, and deliver unique value. Organizational diagnostics provides a bedrock of evidence on which to effectively plan to achieve your goals.

Leaders who embrace data science and weave it into the fabric of their organization and culture to drive actionable insights simply out-perform their competitors. Cognitive insights will become the insights fabric of an enterprise. We help secure the future viability of companies with data-driven products, services, and business models along the entire value chain.


Evidence-based decisions

Take decisive action on the future of your business with a clear basis of evidence to work from. Our diagnostics benchmark you against the market using groundbreaking analytics, so you know exactly what changes to make - and why you're making them.

Organizational clarity

Healthy organizations get smarter and outperform their competitors. Gain an accurate reflection of the inner workings of your business, allowing you to strategize with more clarity and move more effectively towards your growth objectives. We enable businesses to create systems of insight for quicker, better decision-making. What's your data strategy?

ROI multiplier

Forensic analysis of organizational health typically requires an enormous executive overhead and can be an incredibly invasive process. Our data-driven benchmarking process circumvents this, providing you with precise operational reporting for a fraction of the cost.

what are organiZational diagnostics?

A way to make better, more informed
business decisions

Data science helps uncover the truth about how your business is performing across the entire value chain. Understanding 18 key drivers of operational excellence that drive value and competitive advantage.

Based on your answers to a set of initial questions, diagnostics help paint a picture of how well your business is optimized for each operational driver. This, in turn, gives you a basis of evidence on which to grow your business with powerful insight and precise impact.

how do diagnostics help?

An evidence-based canvas for business growth

We balance three key objectives: Growth, Equity value and Operational effectiveness, impacted by 18 business drivers. We deliver solutions to accurately increase productivity

By capturing relevant information across each business activity, quantifying it, and benchmarking against industry standards, we can paint an objective picture of your business's operational deficits, and impediments to growth.

This reveals inefficiencies, and arms you with a bedrock of data on which to build your strategy, define specific priorities, and close value gaps.

how do diagnostics work?

A powerful analytic process

On the surface, our organizational diagnostic is an elegantly simple tool. Underneath, complex algorithms, vetted by thousands of businesses, advisors and academics over 30 years, provide the data and tools to complete operational due diligence and a comprehensive business assessment.

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our diagnostic process

stage one


Discover is a fast, powerful assessment tool that shows how well your business is running, what's driving it, and how it compares to the market.

You don't need financial or detailed operational data to complete it, just a sense of your current performance for each of the 18 drivers of operational excellence.

Each discover assessment identifies:

  • Your company’s potential operational effectiveness
  • The gap between current and potential operations
  • Top 5 issues that make up this value gap
  • “Red Flags” that could compromise your effectiveness
  • Comparison of your performance to your peers

stage two

Deep dive

Our deep-dive organizational diagnostic is typically completed during a 2-hour in person meeting, exploring in much greater depth the findings of your discover assessment. Comprehensive reporting includes the present strengths of the business and offers concrete suggestions to make improvements, enhance overall growth, and become more profitable.

Each report includes*:

  • Executive Summary: a brief overview of our findings
  • Red Flags: important issues that can diminish the operational strength of your business; operational strength is key to unlocking growth
  • Key Actions: a list of key actions you and your senior team can take to strengthen your business and drive growth
  • Driver Detail Reports: a complete analysis of your company’s 18 Value Drivers
  • Q&A Bank: a summary of all assessment questions and your responses, a calculated Business Rating, and a listing of the contribution of each response to your Value Gap

*Deep-dive diagnostics is available for a fixed fee, which can be absorbed as part of an engagement.


stage three

Set smart objectives using a bedrock of evidence

Each of the business drivers and detailed task subsets has a correlated relationship to Revenue growth, Equity (Value) growth, and Operational strengthening objectives. 

Once you've received your diagnostic report, we use a quadrant graph to help determine resource planning and priorities, depending on your growth goals.

Clients can choose to move forward with their diagnostic recommendations independently, or, enter into a discussion about their strategic and implementation requirements.

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