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Innovation Manufacturing

Skyrocketing productivity for
an established manufacturing company

A manufacturing company, in business for 45 years, needed to clearly define their strategy, and subsequently work on key business drivers to reliably operate and deliver results. The leadership team did not have a defined process to consistently perform. They lacked the structure, and an overall governance framework. By bringing in an experienced consultant they were able to step outside the business, and take time to assess how they could operate more effectively. A more cohesive strategy was developed, which began to harness the company’s rich resources. Working across key business drivers using a proven process they improved organizational health gaining tremendous traction. A renewed clarity, precise alignment of resources, and accountability systems caused productivity to skyrocket.


Innovation Manufacturing is a development and manufacturing solutions company with a complete suite of services delivered from key locations across the globe. They are positioned as a one stop supply chain management partner. In the past decade they had seen a steady decline in performance. Slipping revenue was taking its toll, and the firm appeared to be somewhat rudderless in direction. Seeking an increase in both gross revenues and profit, the CEO & leadership approached Lavan to engage. We were initially taken on to undertake an organizational diagnostic assessment, to check the status quo, and our findings were revealing.

  • Strategy - What’s our plan to get there? The existing strategic plan was not being implemented well. An audit showed weaknesses across several key drivers. Similar to most businesses the strategy was failing not as much in the formulation, but in the implementation. What we have come to call organizational health, effectively achieved through a disciplined way of operating - ROSE℠
  • People - Who’s executing what part of the plan, with accountability
  • Sales & Marketing - The right people executing the right process drives scale
  • Operations - Quality delivery of sales’ promises to customers
  • Financial - The leadership team were not in control of the numbers. The traditional financial reports, were lagging indicators. Operating reports were necessary to manage more effectively. Tracking the activities that generate the desired results to connect data to the company’s cash lifeblood, to fund the work towards the business strategic goals. The right metrics populating a dashboard connecting behavior and daily process to results. A focus on the right people (HR) doing the right things (Process) for the right (Results) meant some personnel changes, and work on some thematic people projects.


To reach its goal the firm needed to expand services to existing clients, and to win new clients. The initial focus was on existing clients to ensure awareness of the wide array of custom solutions available. To do so well and generate proposal interest the sales team would need to improve skillsets. While all were technically proficient the ability to engage clients in solutions driven discussion was under par. A comprehensive program was developed to ensure this skillset became part of the sales team fabric. A great opportunity to do right things right presented itself and the team slowly began to excel. Meetings developed greater client appreciation and awareness of the broader suite of offerings and solutions. A strong pipeline developed with marketing delivering high-quality leads and sales improving closing rates. Metrics tracked weekly made sure leadership had their finger on the pulse - And knew, before it's too late, that sales and marketing are doing the right things for the firm to reach its growth goal - A process to track people, process, connecting to results. The combined efforts to drive operational health through ROSE℠ and institutionalize were tremendously impactful to overall company performance. While an Increase in sales from $20 million to $28 million in one year and GP% +18% seems like the highlight, the solutions, results and benefits were far broader.

  • Organizational diagnostic determining growth hinderance and recommendations to remediate
  • ROSE℠ implementation
  • Strategy and thematic goals to achieve growth objective

    Consultative sales training proficiency program - Transitioned the sales team upgrading and developing consultative skillset

    Aligned, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Financial driver roles and people to core service, values and goals

    Developed forecasting tools and methodology, metrics

    Implemented dashboards visible to cross functional teams as well as leadership team

    Implemented an integrated phone system to track calls, add to CRM and increase efficiency

    Completed first 4th quarter rolling forecast

    Implemented first variable compensation plan

    Established best practices for:

    - Weekly sales team meetings (one-on-one individual meetings)
    - CRM usage, Client follow-up, Time-to-quote, Phone and email communication

    Implemented a team rule on how each member will work with and treat other members with a peer to peer accountability requirement


"We are now in control of our business and producing incredible results."

Lavan helped Innovation Manufacturing increase its sales from $20 million to $28 million in one year and GP% +18%. Developed organizational health through ROSE℠ increasing equity value and freeing up ownership time.


Institutionalized ROSE℠ driving organizational health:
- Established a framework for leadership cohesion
- Organizational clarity, commitment and accountability
- Cascading throughout whole business

Created a high functioning and effective sales team
- Goals being achieved and aligned with top down vision
- Measurable and measured to ensure accountability

Hired a sales manager

Increased sales from $20 million to $28 million in one year and GP% +18%

Increased Equity value by 10%
- growth plan
- operationalized and documented processes
- motivated and engaged teams

*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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