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West UA Transport

Organizing a major trucking company to capture equity value for M&A transition

A trucking company with a well-earned reputation for performance, and customer service had been trying to sell the company due to fatigue and the illness of one of the partners. The asking price was $1.5 million, but no offers had be received within a year prior to Lavan's involvement. They realized they needed help to develop an effective strategy and were referred to Lavan by their CPA.

Company and Owner Goals:

  • Organize the company so it could be presented in a format that captured its value
  • Layout a high level growth plan that could be presented as part of the value presentation.
  • Layout possible transition plans based on personal goals and planning


West UA Transport is a specialty trucking company focused on over dimensional freight, with the flexibility to handle both van and flatbed transport. They had a well-earned reputation for performance and customer service and a premium ability to move product on time and on schedule. They controlled their tractors through ownership and a specialized lease program with its owner-operators. They also owned their own trailers. The combination allowed the Company flexibility to haul many different load types.

The owners had been trying to sell the company due to fatigue and the illness of one of the partners. The asking price was $1.5 million, but no offers had be received within a year prior to Lavan's involvement. Lavan was initially engaged to undertake an organizational diagnostics assessment to identify :

  • Enterprise value and gap analysis
  • Weaknesses likely to arise in a buyer due diligence process
  • What operational inadequacies exist and,
  • To make recommendations to ameliorate


After the initial assessment, Lavan was retained to help sure up the operations through projects, document the corporation’s delivery system, and ultimately compile an offering document, while assisting with the transfer process.

The company’s small size lent itself to an informal management structure, which combined with experienced personnel had been a significant part of the success. However, the informality that promotes such a strong team dynamic was extremely hard to communicate to potential acquirers.

Thus, the company required internal documentation on all of its personnel and processes. Given an expedited engagement, Lavan curated the necessary resources, and with the owners managed the execution of the plan including: documenting all elements of the company’s business. We developed a growth plan incorporating key business drivers, market, industry, and competitor analysis. Following this, we guided the owners to negotiate term contracts with viable clients for recurring revenue and stronger forecasting. An M&A firm was finally enlisted to help compile findings into an offering memorandum. Lavan was retained to help transfer the company.


  • Organizational diagnostic determining enterprise value, gap upside and recommendations to optimize value, and remediate operational deficits
  • Strategy to achieve value and attractive sale
  • High level growth plan to attract a buyer
  • Internal documentation on all company personnel and processes
  • Term contracts for sustainable recurring revenue
  • Enlisted M&A firm to help compile findings into an offering memorandum


We helped West UA complete an all-cash sale of just under $3 million - double the original asking price.

The owners had been seeking $1.5 million for their company, roughly the cost of their productive capital, and a small goodwill addition. Shortly after the engagement, they received an all cash offer of just under $3 million, nearly twice the owner’s initial goal.

*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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