case study

EventMedia Group

An events and promotions company looking for clarity

Eventmedia Group is a premier promotional products and services firm based in MA, USA. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, experiencing price compression, Eventmedia wanted to ensure they were operating at peak performance across all aspects of the organization. Co-owner Jason Marks needed an objective view of his operations to identify specific strengths and weaknesses. He was familiar with Lavan Financial Group and interested in our organizational diagnostics to quantify the status quo.

what they needed

True organizational clarity, and the means to act on new business insights

“We wanted a true, evidence-based objective checkup on the state of Eventmedia. We needed the ability to define our strengths, flush out areas for improvement and any value gaps, then a design plan to address them,” Marks explained.

The Lavan organizational diagnostic was revealing for Marks and his team. “We’re big on best practices, policies and procedures, but Lavan helped us realize that we still had some work to do. We were able to identify operational process gaps and insufficient corresponding documentation, and thereby lay the groundwork for improvement. Lavan provided recommendations for specific improvement areas, which Eventmedia prioritized and incorporated into a plan for optimal efficiency and performance.


"It just tightened the way we operate. We are a cohesive, galvanized team now."

Jason Marks, Co-owner Eventmedia Group

The true value came from the unexpected. Together with Lavan, Eventmedia implemented ROSE℠, the results operating system, to address core operational issues and strengthen the overall organizational health.


The company gained measurable increases in margins. Internal communications and transparencies have been enhanced across the board, and employees feel better informed as part of the organization. The entire team has a roadmap to continuously monitor and manage performance and value. "The ROSE℠ process unfolds to clearly harness the power of the whole team. We achieve better results in a clear and more measurable way now,” concluded Marks.

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