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Business credit lines in Hartford, CT
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Obtain a line of credit to benefit your operations.

At Lavan Financial Group, we provide unsecured business lines of credit to businesses in many different industries. When you apply for one of these lines of credit, we will not require you to put down collateral on the loan. Additionally, our funding capabilities are extensive. We offer everything from smaller business credit card solutions to larger lines of credit worth up to $500,000.

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Qualification requirements

  • Your current credit profile

  • The size of your business

  • How profitable your business is

For example, if you recently started up your operations and have yet to establish revenue, we may be able to provide you with anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 in credit. Comparatively, if you operate an established business with yearly revenues that exceed $1,000,000, we may be able to provide you with up to $500,000 in credit.



  • Flexible solutions from credit cards to larger lines of credit

  • Up to $500,000 in credit for your business operations available

  • We never offer subprime rates. This means that if you qualify, your interest rate could range from one to five percent.


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