White Plains, NY House Flippers: Generating Revenue While Improving Communities

House flippers do much more than sell homes to new owners. White Plains, NY house flippers have a positive impact on neighborhoods and communities, improve the local economy, and raise the bar for surrounding residents.

White Plains, NY House Flippers Breathe Life Into Neglected Homes

The basics of house flipping are easy to understand. House flippers in White Plains buy properties with run down or neglected homes, spend time bringing them up to code while adding modern conveniences and aesthetic improvements, and then sell them for a profit. Were it not for house flippers, these homes would stay neglected or get demolished, which would be unfortunate, since so many homes in the area are in need of restoration to bring out their historic splendor. The side effect of breathing new life into old houses is that house flippers end up raising the property value for surrounding homeowners in the process.

Anyone Can Flip Houses Successfully

If you look at house flippers in the White Plains area, very few have a background in construction or even commercial real estate. White Plains, NY house flippers simply know how to use the right financing to complete a project quickly and efficiently, and hire contractors to handle the heavier and more complex tasks. Many local house flippers started out purchasing and selling properties as a means of generating supplemental income, before making it a full time career.

Financing For House Flipping Projects

Given the costs involved and the considerable revenue once a sale is made, White Plains, NY house flippers rarely fund project out of pocket. Most house flippers rely on hard money loans, or fix and flip lines of credit to ensure success at every stage of the project. Both hard money loans and lines of credit can be arranged quickly and efficiently, so that house flippers in White Plains, NY can take advantage of time-sensitive real estate opportunities without get caught in the red tape associated with bank loans. As most house flippers know, a faster turnaround time means quicker sales and an increased profit margin.

The Best Financing For House Flippers In White Plains, NY

If you are flipping houses in White Plains, contact the experts at Lavan Financial Group. We offer the most comprehensive fix and flip loans and lines of credit in the area. Our team will work with you to create a customized strategy to help you complete your project on time, to bring in new homeowners and increase your revenue. Contact us today to get started.