The Secrets to Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the creative backbone of innovative businesses in this day and age, and while entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs share the majority of the same principles, social entrepreneurship differs in one very specific way: entrepreneurs are usually in the game to solve a problem, but social entrepreneurs live for solving the underlying issues that caused the problem so that it will never happen again. Successful social entrepreneurs are fueled by specific problems that have been left unsolved for years, important social or economical problems that are being ignored, or anything that sparks passion in them personally. After identifying the issue they wish to change, social entrepreneurs will utilize their business to fund and provide for the change they desire. In order to keep their passion, social entrepreneurs tend to maintain the following traits, which help boost their demeanor and business success.


For entrepreneurs, audacity is a trait absolutely imperative to changing the world. Believing one person can change the lives of million of other people is crazy and audacious, and completely plausible with the tight attitude and drive to solve problems.


Social entrepreneurs exist to shake the world up, from commercial business fat cats to residents of the most poverty-stricken parts of the world. Social entrepreneurs find new ways to market goods, new ways to supply education, new ways to develop completely undeveloped aspects of society. Social entrepreneurs live to provide the world with healthy, ecofriendly, biodegradable alternatives, or offer opportunities to underprivileged individuals, or bring an end to child sex slavery. Their work is not fun, but it is beautiful, and completely necessary.


While hope may not seem like a big factor in success, entrepreneurs must maintain a whole lot of hope throughout the journey of owning a business. Social entrepreneurs are hopeful about pretty much everything they encounter, but most importantly, hopeful that someday whatever problem they are fighting will be defeated.


All entrepreneurs, but social entrepreneurs especially, must at many points during their fight for change experience varied levels of disappointment. Changing the world is hard, especially with so much that is wrong with it, and social entrepreneurs are often blown away by how little other people seem to care about these frightening and horrific problems. The most important thing social entrepreneurs can do with their disappointment, however, is to use it to fuel their demands for change.


Arguably the most important quality for a social entrepreneur to have, tenacity allows entrepreneurs to pursue the impossible and overcome disasters. Without tenacity, no positive change would ever come about in this world, because making the world a better place can be really, really hard.

Social entrepreneurs are a constant and everlasting source of optimism and hope for what the world could be, and inspiration for those that desire big changes in the ways people think and outdated customs. If you are interested in changing the world as a social entrepreneur, consider these five key elements that make entrepreneurs great, and you could bring about the changes you had always wished to see.