Cloud Based Accounting: Why Small Businesses Are Making The Switch

Cloud based accounting has come to the forefront over the past few years as an affordable and reliable method for streamlining operations. While many businesses are still using ledger books and spreadsheets on in-house computers, cloud based accounting offers a number of advantages and safeguards which have heretofore never been available to small business owners.

Cloud Based Accounting Is Affordable

Outsourcing accounting services has always been an expense heavily weighed by business owners. However, keeping accounting in-house, unless you know a CPA, can cost even more money. By taking on accounting services yourself, you are spending more time trying to balance books than you are running your business. If you do not have a background in accounting, then you are inviting mistakes which can cost your business a lot of money in the long run. Most cloud based accounting services offer inexpensive subscription rates, plus most of the macros and formulas are already built into the application, making access very easy.

The Service Is Customizable

Cloud based accounting is fully customizable to your company’s needs. The services can be integrated with your business bank account, payroll, and even commercial finance services, such as factoring. Every business is unique, and as such cloud based accounting services can have features added to tailor the experience to meet those needs.

Safe And Secure Accounting Services

If you keep your accounting records on an office computer, what happens if and when that computer experiences a failure of some sort? Cloud based accounting provides encrypted backups of your information to ensure your accounting is safe and secure. Most of these accounting services even offer mobile apps, so you can access and enter numbers on the fly from your personal devices. With many businesses working with clients across the country – if not the world – being able to access accounting records wherever you are is a key factor to growth and management.

Accounting Management Services

Lavan Financial Group offers accounts receivable management services which can be integrated with cloud based accounting. From invoice factoring to asset based lending, Lavan Financial Group offers solutions to help businesses grow while streamlining the accounting process. Contact our offices today to find out how we can help improve your company and position your business for growth. We will work with you directly to structure a financing plan which is tailored to help you meet your goals.