9 Ways to Stop You From Blowing Your Monthly Business Budget

Many new businesses suffer the daunting experience of not having enough money at the end of the month. Most of the time, this problem is caused by bad habits rather than big purchases. Here are 9 ways to improve your business budget on all fronts.

Keep Better Books

Inaccurately logging expenditures can cause havoc with your business budget. Therefore, make sure all company departments keep precise records of all expenses, with weekly reviews.

Sensible Staff Bonuses

Extra staff bonuses, such as munchies and movie tickets, can motivate employees and show that their hard work is valued. However, make sure employees want these extras by performing an annual survey. If they don't really like them, consider a monetary bonus instead.

Stop Wasting Supplies

Pencils and paper towels are examples of variable expenses. Since their cost can add up, make economical purchases or replace with no-cost items. For example, get rid of notebooks by adding writing apps to computers.

Avoid Late Charges 

Make sure to pay bills on time to eliminate expensive late charges. Change due dates so they are all due around the same day, and modify accounting and payable routines so they are the same.

Trade Show Strategies

Since going to trade shows can get expensive, only go to shows attended by customers that can purchase your products. You will probably find that a few shows a year are enough.

Regularly Negotiate Deals

Bargain for lower prices with every merchant. Shoot for 10 percent less than the offered price and routinely renegotiate former agreements.

Improve Targeted Marketing

Replace expensive broadcast marketing efforts with online marketing campaigns so that you can effectively monitor results. PPC and inbound messaging programs can help you reach target audiences and keep your business budget on track.

Correct Technology Overload

Do not purchase or upgrade technological tools unless you really need them. Frequent unneeded expenditures squander your business budget and increase your debt.

Use Time Wisely

Learn how to manage time in all areas of your operation. Rushing or running late can cause mistakes, incur late fees and leads to inferior workmanship and performance.  

Adequate business budgeting practices provide the groundwork for any company's financial health, according to BusinessFinancemag.com. It may take discipline in the beginning, but your efforts will be well worth it.