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Accounts receivable
financing in Norwalk, CT

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For companies that need to free up cash flow quickly without incurring new debt, accounts receivable financing is often the best idea. Financing receivables not only allows for a quick return to liquidity, it essentially outsources the entire process of tracking and processing receivables. This is done by selling those receivables to a factor like the Lavan Financial Group and letting us take on the burden of collections. Since this is basically an asset sale, the transaction does not increase the debt load of the client company at all.

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  • Fast turn around usually means cash within 24 hours

  • No recourse on accounts that don't pay

  • Avoiding loan boards and the entire application approval process

  • Focus on the business you do, not making collection calls

  • Increased ability to handle large or unconventional orders

  • Volume-based access to cash, rewarding you for good work.


Ideally suited for

  • Time-sensitive cashflow requirements

  • Companies not looking for new debt


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