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We partner with leaders to unlock value through organizational health

Time is the only resource that can never be replenished. People care about how they spend their time, and what they do at work. We strongly respect that reality and exist to help businesses harness the passion, creativity, and energy of their people towards aligned goals, working together to deliver on a company vision. We believe that when all the resources of a business are channeled in the same direction, great things happen. The path we travel to achieve this is called strategy.

what we do

COFFE Sales Productivity

Find the fingerprint for your organizational success, then replicate it at scale. No more guesswork. No more poor team fits. Our people intelligence engine predicts current and prospective employee performance. Resulting analytics and prescriptive actions are compelling

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Organizational Diagnostics

Our diagnostic process comprises analysis from thousands of organizations across a diversity of sectors and contexts, giving you concrete benchmarks against which to measure your business performance.

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Gauge your business's current operational effectiveness, diagnose core issues, and determine which value drivers represent the best opportunities for growth - then grow sustainably.

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Strategic Management

A strategy management practice that offers unparalleled partnership and delivery, creating effective frameworks for growth, firmly rooted in objective data.

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Talent Optimization

Leverage data, create better teams and achieve peak performance. Talent Optimization helps you hire better, develop powerful people strategies, and lead more effectively.

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Implementation ROSE℠

Implementing ROSE℠ helps leadership teams improve organizational health and increase value by providing concrete solutions to complex problems, at every level of your business.

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our approach

Grow in full alignment

Planning and developing a business strategy is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their future - something that doesn’t happen well in most companies.

Through dialogue and diagnostics, we assist owners and leadership teams as they clarify aspirations, think about where they will play, their journey, how to grow, and what capabilities and systems they need to win and reach peak performance.


our vision

Encourage leaders. Extract value.
Enrich communities.

We work relentlessly to build stronger companies, led by bold leaders, for better communities.

How do we achieve this? By diagnosing problems, creating strategies, and guiding companies to optimum health.

Because healthy organizations get smarter and outperform their competitors.


ROI multiplier

Our foundational belief is that organizational health delivers value greater than the individual sum of a company's parts.

A system-based approach is fundamental to our purpose, culture and platform, and results in a proven approach to deliver an ROI multiplier for our clients.

Price performance leader

Get results without having to pay for the high executive overhead.

As a boutique value consultant, our approach to strategy management - from diagnostics to formulation and execution - is lean, efficient and cost effective.  

Intangible value through operational excellence

Our actionable intelligence enables quality decision making throughout a business.

A framework and ecosystem of SaaS solutions leverages unique applications of convergent technologies to deliver data-driven action recommendations helping customers to precisely elevate productivity to spend less time on transactional tasks, more on strategy.

Our clients work with modern technologies that learn, adapt and evolve ensuring governance and accountability for predictable results.

our values

Organizational health = value

A business is greater than the sum of its parts. Businesses thrive because they create value from synergies in organizational performance.

Curiously passionate & passionately curious

We are natural problem solvers, who dare to dive deeply to understand ourselves, our clients, and the territories we work in.

Leadership-worthy & worthy of leadership

Building trust as leaders is foundational to all we do and at the heart of organizational health.

Team, not I

People in healthy companies trust each other, identify issues and recover faster. They are more effective at solving problems and make better decisions.

This is what we wake up for.