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COFFE Cognitive Operational Forecasting for Employees. Predict current and prospective employee success within 15% of actual output. Hire, sell and scale reliably, without guesswork.

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Get people power.

Use behavioral insights and people analytics to build high performing teams.

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One strategic ecosystem.

Unlock your business potential with comprehensive diagnostics and strategy. Turn a system of data and records into a system of insight and recommendation

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Optimize data, business, technology design
Align talent to your purpose. Make decisions based on evidence, not gut instinct

Data enabled business models secure the future viability of your company

what our clients say

“Trustworthy, Professional, Reliable and Hard Working. A true advocate for our organization. Lavan went above and beyond to work for our company and saved nearly 1300+ jobs nationwide. They have a true understanding of business and financial operations. The best advisory organization that we have ever worked with. The challenges seemed insurmountable at times however LFG was a solid rock to count on”

Fly-Port - Sean Slattery, VP operations

“The assessment has been an excellent tool for highlighting key opportunities for improvement. Helped position us for the Top 50 Metal Shops award.”

Body n Tools - Peter Wyfield, Owner

“We starting with the free diagnostic business scan and didn’t look back. Lavan helped us view the whole company as business drivers, see the areas of weakness and make some key changes. We have a new perspective on growth, both revenue and equity value but also the psychological rewards of feeling in control. I feel good I will be able to sell for more when I’m ready”

Aplomb Plumbing - Kevin Casey, Owner

“Andrea showed us what to focus on to confidently achieve sustainability and scalability. Now, we’re not just a more profitable company, we’re a more valuable company”

Consilience Marketing - Deborah Hern, Partner

“We had already undergone a formal, conventional valuation and were pleased Lavan help affirm the results. Not only did Andrea confirm the valuation numbers the assessment also exposed a lack of branding and marketing activities. We felt that was doing us, and our distribution partners a disservice so we brought in a marketing firm to help."

Centre Door Company - Stephen Levit, Manager & Part Owner

"Lavan Financial Group brought the expertise, structure and an operating system the group needed to be successful! Vastly different from other consultants they gently push the leadership team to lead. The ROSE℠ operating framework unfolds, effectively drawing the team into alignment and a more cohesive unit able to harness the whole organization's untapped value. We are now in control of our business producing incredible results. The help was key to our change and invaluable to our future"

Innovation Manufacturing - Steven Marshall, Co-owner

“The true value came from the unexpected. We implemented ROSE℠, an operating system and framework tightened the way we operate to keep us focused on what matters. "We now operate more effectively " said Marks. "The ROSE℠ steps help to get everyone aligned and to clear the noise. We have better organization clarity and sight on what needs to be done and get it done more effectively,” concluded Marks

Eventmedia Group - Jason Marks, Co-Owner

"An organizational diagnostic was carried out from which a strategic plan was created to achieve; growth in equity value, mitigate risks a buyer might raise, sure up operational deficits, and create a high-level growth plan to tease buyers. Lavan did more than they said they would and we got more than we thought we would-almost double"

West UA Transport - Owner

“CPA’s are under attack if they can’t provide broader business advisory services we risk losing clients. Our clients ask for help, and while we have the numbers down we didn’t have the skillset tools or system to engage business owners in the comprehensive way Lavan can. It made sense to use their strategic management fulfilment services and fit into our workflow. We feel confident our existing clients are here to stay and we are winning new clients with our expanded services”

Tax Advisory Trust - Michael Rappaport, Partner

Organizing a major trucking company to capture equity value for M&A transition